VGC NYC’s Core Values

Our People

We know that VGC can only flourish with sound leadership and a supporting cast with the right skills, attitude and dedication to contribute to our vision of excellence. All new employees are carefully selected through an exhaustive vetting process, and we typically hire based on referrals and personal recommendations. Infusing our organization with top-flight talent is our organizational mandate and is the key to our firm’s ongoing success.

Our Standards

Dedication to quality is critical to the satisfaction of our clients, and subsequently, the success of our business. We demand from our subcontractors and employees a level of workmanship and adherence to schedule that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations. The long standing relationships that we have with the finest residential subcontractors, along with our own personnel, allow us to deliver our projects on time, on budget and with a personal touch that has come to be VGC’s hallmark.

Our Philosophy

While we are in the business of building some of the finest homes in New York City, we also understand that we are in the team-building and relationship business. After all, in order to truly bring to life concepts that once started as drawings on paper, it requires a cohesive team, including the architect, the designer, the client, subcontractors, vendors and building management. Our objective as one of the premier general contractors in New York City is to play a central role in interacting with all the project constituents to deliver breathtaking results time and time again.