465 West End Avenue

Location: Upper West Side Private Residence
Renovation Type: Expansion of Kitchen and Bath
Square Footage: 2,600

What the client said

“VGC and their team transformed our master bedroom bathroom and kitchen from dated 23 year old wrecks to beautifully executed embodiments of plans drawn up with the help of the kitchen and bath designers at Quintessentials.

You have to realize that in renovating spaces in a pre-war building, you may have the best of plans, but the realities of the building’s underlying structure and utilities may create near impossibilities in executing those plans. In that regard, VGC was exemplary in dealing with the repeated “surprises” that came up as demolition revealed conditions that had to be “dealt with” before the features hoped for in the renovation could be achieved. VGC’s experience with these “surprises” and their ability to deal with them helped to save many of the features of our bathroom and kitchen that we planned to have, but that demolition revealed would not be easily achieved.

For example, in the bathroom, the original room perimeter had a number of superfluous “jogs” in the walls that reflected archaic building practices from 90 years earlier. VGC and their crew were able to judge what could and could not be done to straighten things out to achieve the best outcome. As another example, in the kitchen we “needed” to fit a 36″ refrigerator in a space that, prior to demolition, appeared to be smaller. The entire kitchen design depended on making this happen. VGC was able to achieve the needed space by judicious demolition and reconstruction that was completely in accord with our coop’s very detailed requirements.

In addition to the excellent results and beautiful rooms we now enjoy, we would emphasize that it was always a pleasure to work with VGC and their team. We always had the feeling that they worked with great skill, diligence and professionalism.

Moreover, we always felt comfortable that we were dealing with people of complete honesty and integrity and that the rest of our apartment was safe and secure in their hands.

Finally, we always felt that VGC was very fair in executing the details of the contract and was interested in fulfilling not just the words of the contract, but the spirit of the contract as well.”